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4/10/10 - Lejos Discos presents Quiet Stars' first long play: "L'équateur de Quiet Stars".

Quiet Stars: "L'équateur de Quiet Stars"

de noordewind
le déséquilibre I
le déséquilibre II
le déséquilibre III
adagio religioso

quiet nights
été fertile / vruchtbare zomer

Lejos Discos, 12” LP. white vynil.
Circulation: 300 copies
Reference: lej 014
Relesase date: October 4th, 2010
Price: 13€ (+ shipping)

Circa 1998 two autodictates -Quentin “Quentino” Legrand and Peter “Pedrinho” Kern- met for the first time with the classical trained Remi“Remio" Mercelis to take a dive into the never-ending fascinating world of Bossa-Nova. At the same period they got acquainted with François Doucement (FD), musictherapeut from Brest who stayed in Brussels for Seminar on Music Therapy. He joined soon their meetings -very long and social repetitions, consisting of a main dish prepared by Remio, pink ladies prepared by Pedrinho and some groovy joints by Quentino- and introduced them into the universe of "Der Ruhepuls": the puls in a non-active-occupation, that is, 60 bpm, originally based on Dr. Arnd Stein’ seminal oeuvre "Musik für Praxis & Wartezimmer".

At one barbiecue, summer ’99, Quiet Stars performed their first two numbers. Headliner was the legendary Jef Mercelis, who augmented their sound with subtle effects and sounds. He does it to this day. And records and mixes. That’s how the unique, ultimate sound of Quiet Stars was born!

Quiet Stars have been Brussels’ best kept secret so far. They concentrate on the creation of one song a year and have mostly played at the occasion of marriages, birthdays -Felix Kubin asked them to live up his birthday party at the Atomium-, and exhibition openings–performing on very unique occasions in demand of Flemish dance maestro Wim Vandekeybus.

Their music is mostly slow, often instrumental and between romanticism & pathos/kitsch. Name it easy jazz or wall-paper music - musique amuse-gueule sur les rythmes bossa-nova. Or simply imagine Marcel Broodthaers meeting Jacques Brel on Copacabana beach and you'll find yourself in the magic land where Quiet Stars reside.

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18/12/09 - Lejos Discos presents the vinyl release of Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains' "Plaine inondable".

Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains “Plaine inondable”

Be Water (Je suis de l’eau)
Do You Do
Nights = Days
Years of the Rain

Lejos Discos, 12” LP Gatefold cover, translucent vinyl.
Circulation: 500 copies
Reference: lej 012
Out on December the 18th, 2009
Price: 14 € (+ shipping)

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10/7/09 - Frànçois: "Her River Raves Recollections" out now.

Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains “Her River Raves Recollections”

Lejos Discos, Stich-Stich. 10” vinyl comes with a digital download.
stitch017 – lej 011. 300 copies
Out on 10 July 10, 2009
9€ (+ shipping)

Side A
1. Royan
2. One Voice in the Noise
3. The Long Journey
4. Peaux Rouges

Side B
1. Cachou
2. Allons à la Piscine
3. Kitchens and Dictionaries
4. Nights = Days
5. So Many Nos

Saintes is a small town in the South-West of France. In Roman times it was a local capital because of its position on the river Charente: the place where at high tide the water from the Atlantic Ocean goes the furthest inland. It is a place in between waters.

Frànçois' mother's house is situated there, on the edge of the flood plains. That is where Frànçois grew up and where, like many teenagers in the nineties, he sometimes walked across the fields outside of town on saturday nights, finding the way to the raves by tracking the pulse of the beats.

Every winter, when the heavy rains pour into the melted snow, the river swells and the neighbourhood turns into a lake. Every summer, you can enjoy daily trips to go swimming in the fresh water. And from Fránçois' mother's home it will take you the same time to cycle to the riverside village of Pont l'Abbé, featured on the cover, than to drive to Royan, the nearest seaside town.

Many of these songs were recorded, amongst others, in preparation of the next full length album, Plaine Inondable, due to be released by Fence Records in September 2009. They were recorded in different places: in a garden in France, on a roof terrace in Morocco, in an analogue studio in Newhaven on the cliffs of southern England. These locations nevertheless produced songs with a common feel, that of the rhythm of the waves and the reflection of the light in the water.

Ordering from UK? This record
is available from Stich-Stich.

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5/7/09 - FRÀNÇOIS AND THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS "Her River Raves Recollections" 10" mini-lp:

Released this week and already a pop classic!!


”Brother” was supposed to be the 3rd album by Fránçois and the Atlas Mountains.It never got finished. Nevertheless, that discarded project might have had something prodigal because word spread and Frànçois’ fans began to get more and more interested in Brother’s fate- being even voted best unreleased album of the year by some of them- driving him to releaseBrother EP”.

We don't know what it was that drew Frànçois from France to Bristol in September 2003, but since then, his creativity hasn't stopped surprising us. Starting with bands such as Crescent or Movietone, who have populated his Atlas Mountains, he has written precious songs where language blows away all borders, this being pop made in England. It so happens that the Frenchmen of the isles have revolutionized the style- just look at Wenger's Arsenal passing football- and managed for the continent to be seen from the top of the old cliffs with admiration.

Brother EP” contains five songs and is formatted as two 7” singles: the first vinyl opens with “The Way to the Forest”. This song starts like a breeze and ends like a breath of fresh air. “Night Lights” featuring Markland Starkie (Sleeping States) is an unforgettable two-voices ballad on the B-side. The second vinyl opens with “Tracey Emin”, a bubblegum texture hit dedicated to the Turner prize winner and her installation My Bed.“Hiver” (Winter) can be found on the same side: this is a beautiful piano piece or, if you prefer, a pulsating watercolour from Mussorgski’s Pictures at an exhibition. The release ends with “Women Wearing Coats” sung in French and English; a compendium of the pop freshness, melodies, chorus, luster and captivating crescendos that impregnates the entire release.

Frànçois has got completely involved in the creation of the artwork for this album. He has contributed two tender and fleeting snapshots from his photo album for the sleeve and inner sides of the folder. In addition, he has made a Chagall style drawing for the back cover. He has also drawn the inserts and even taken the chance to restyle the Lejos Discos’ logo. All this highlights his passion for painting and the plastic arts. He is now showing watercolours in an exhibition in Bourdeaux. Frànçois continuously paints and, like a craftsman, builds small stop-motion movies. He also draws and makes a photocopied zine of his diaries, ‘Livre’. One could ask whether he is a musician that paints or a painter that creates music.

Two months ago Frànçois moved to Glasgow, and he is now closer to his friends from Camera Obscura, with whom he tours regularly playing trumpet onstage. He will be close also to his friend Katrina, from The Pastels, to whom he dedicated a lovely song on his previous release for Lejos Discos.


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The Lejos Discos team

Video for "Tracey Emin" by Raphaëlle Chovin. Song to be found at "Brother ep".

19/6/08 - ARBOL (full band) at Sónar 2008: Emilii Records showcase

Text taken from the Festival programme:
"A small delicacy

Time seems to have stopped with Arbol. His conception of space stretches between layers of precious polyrhythms and keyboards and strings full of nostalgia; the perfect balance between acoustic instruments and the possibilities of electronica. It is minimalism and melancholy taken to their utmost expressive capabilities by one of the most restless names on the Spanish scene, who is involved in countless parallel projects, including multimedia installations, soundtracks and the multimedia project “Imaginary Soundtracks”, with Onionlab.

His third LP, “You Travelled My Heart Inside Out", has been released by Lejosdiscos and Emilii Records, and was composed in Barcelona, London and Tokyo. It will have a very special presentation at Sónar, with two vocalists, a cello, visuals by Testphase and the electronic baton of Miguel Marín.”

Thursday, 19 June
Barcelona // Sónar Festival > SonarComplex
MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona
C/ Montalegre, 5

Sónar website >>

For those attending the concert: we hope you enjoy it and that you enjoy as well all what Barcelona may offer you during the following days.
Que vagi bé.

The Lejos Discos team

11/4/2008 - URSULA "Últimas caricias - The Misfits EP" 7” (200 numbered copies)

"Static Age", was the title of The Misfits ' second LP. It was recorded at a time when the static electricity of record players generated bizarre world's in the mind of young people; world's inhabited by human monsters as well as loveless murderers.
Besides, the infectious nature achieved by horror B movies like "Carnival of Souls" and by comics publications like "Bent", "Skull", "Amputee love"... created an atmosphere in which viruses and bacteria later gave birth to imposing specimens such as The Misfits: the band is to the underground what ferns are to the plant world: a living fossil.

Although it is true that in Spain we had our own Creepy comics -edited by Toutain- and although one of those might have fallen into David Cordero's hands to fit him for The Misfits' experience, his "Ultimas Caricias - The Misfits EP" is more than a tribute to the New Jersey Band: it is their terminal sedation, undertaken with the love and clinical skills that were demonstrated in "Autoayuda emocional" (Lejos Discos, 2005). However, the Royal Trux cadence of "Last Caress" and the lobotomized and Badalamentian "Soma kind Hate", both on the side A, are a refreshing surprise. It is amazing how Ursula have passed from gourmetting noisy punk to elaborate a menu in which a banquet comprising human carpaccio, industrial intestines and metal lungs, becomes delicately butchered nouvelle cuisine; a dinner fit for lovers.
We turn the record over - dessert arrives - and the zero gravity guitar plucking of "Astro Zombie" fills our palate; we seem to feel what yobbo Frank felt in "Blue Velvet" when inhaling nitro-oxide: ecstasy.

We had been yearning for their breath for more than two years and this record gives it back, boiling and slipping like a lash, like a vapour trail, like taking sauna... It leaves feeling brand new.

The Lejos Discos team.



11/4/2008 - John Balan: the legendary poor-cod eater cowboy. O gran comedor de fanecas.

Finou Jhon Balan. Era de Seixo-Marín, da parte do Matadoiro (de Seixo tamén somos parte do equipo de Lejos Discos) e foi o mais acendrado exemplo do artista outsider:

Obituario - El País

O amigo Suso suliñaba, días atrás, nunha mensaxe de acougo que "...Xosé Manuel Pereiro, o autor da nota necrológica do El País, fazia-se chamar Johnny Rotring nos tempos em que era vocalista de Radio Océano. Sentida homenagem do Johnny Rotring ao grande John Balan!!! :'-)

Um forte abraço,"

Mirade pro ceo: a noite americana de Jhon Balan é fabulosa.



03/2/2008 - listas 2007 (spanish only)

Para los que disfrutéis de las listas de lo mejor del año, aquí os dejamos los resultados de nuestros artistas. Este año varias publicaciones y medios se han acordado de Lejos Discos.
A todos muchas gracias, y en especial a los fans de Arbol y Pumuky que con vuestro apoyo habeis conseguido auparlos al top of the pops . Destacar además que la revista go-Mag incluye
una canción de Pumuky en el CD recopilatorio que acompaña su presente número de febrero.

El “You travelled my heart inside out” de Arbol es para la revista Go-Mag el 4º mejor disco nacional del año. Mondosonoro lo sitúa como 7º mejor disco nacional de música electrónica.

Mejor que nosotros lo resume David Giménez. uno de los componentes de Pumuky, en el mensaje que nos ha hecho llegar:

“Queríamos compartir con vosotros las ultimísimas buenas nuevas de PUMUKY.
La 1ª
El texto que acompaña nuestro tema en el CD recopilatorio de la revista Go-Mag con los mejores temas nacionales del 2007 (recordamos que “El eléctrico romance...” ha sido escogida entre
las 15 mejores canciones nacionales del 2007 en esta revista) :
Pumuky - El eléctrico romance de Lev Termen y la diva del éter:
Si GO hubiera tenido sección de mejor EP nacional, ese premio, sin lugar a dudas, se lo habría llevado el precioso mundo interior de los Pumuky de Jaír Ramírez. Detrás de
tan rocambolesco título se esconde uno de los temas más hermosos de 2007, que nos ha dejado una gran cosecha nacional. Las calles, sabias ellas, ya están exigiendo que
se estiren en formato largo.

La 2ª
Ayer Julio Ruíz, en su programa Disco Grande de Radio 3, dio la lista de mejores canciones nacionales del 2007.
El farero de Ushuaia , aparece como 3ª mejor canción nacional del año según los oyentes de su programa, sólo superada por las de Nacho Vegas & Christina Rosenvinge, y Los Planetas.

Esta nueva mención se suma a la ya cosechada en ROCKDELUX (3er mejor EP/SGL nacional del año 2007).
Estamos de enhorabuena y queremos compartirlo con vosotros.
Abrazos y besos.”

Y no nos olvidamos de los hipsters de La nadadora que también situaron a Pumuky en sus listas.

URSULA, pese a no haber publicado disco durante 2007, protagonizarán sin ninguna duda los próximos meses con “Últimas caricias”, su inminente EP de versiones de los Misfits. Más noticias en breve. Stay tuned.

El equipo de Lejos Discos


23/11/2007 - Arbol "You travelled my heart inside out"

Dear friends,

Arbol´s 3rd release "You Travelled my Heart Inside Out" is out now. Miguel Marín, aka Arbol, continues to walk a path that the enigmatic lushness of his previous work cannot erase. Where a clearing in the forest of "Dreams made of paper" (Lejos Discos, 2005) forced us to linger over songs that poured down on us as a sudden and marvelous light before continuing on our mottled passage, the select track of "You Travelled my Heart Inside Out" opens like a delta to new and wide pastures, bringing calm waters to soak the feet of the city.

For this new release, Miguel has collaborated with Suzy Mangion, D-fried and the Japanese singer Eri Makino . It was recorded between 2004 and 2007 in London, Barcelona and Tokyo and confirms the crucial role played by Miguel Marín in the development of imaginary soundtracks as an independent musical genre.

"You Travelled my Heart Inside Out"
shows the influences that Arbol ´s music has been subject to in recent years as he moved between three completely different cities, three distinct ways of seeing music and life.

The Lejos Discos team.


05/11/2007 - Pumuky "Los exploradores perdidos"

Notice to seafarers,

As of today, we are making available in our shop the new recording by Pumuky "Los exploradores perdidos" ("The lost explorers").

Amidst the fog, sounds rise and, like a veil, cover the ship piloted by Canaries artist Jaír Ramírez. Having definitely lost its island coastal navigation route, Pumuky uses old navigation charts, as shown by the extraordinary packaging signed Burnao, in order to give sense to its introspection. This is no Conrad-style metaphysical journey though: it is about crossing a storm of eroticism without going mad in the lulls of disappointment.

There is much to be discovered in this drifting disc, and seafarers with the necessary instinct to compose a cocktail of horizons, such as David Cordero from Ursula, Abraham Boba, or Pedro Cantudo from Jubilee and Limousine. All of them are led by Pumuky, whose travels take shape in these 5 spectral songs full of tenderness.

The explorers seem lost, yes, but we are still in good hands.

If you want to enrol in this mysterious journey, here is all the information about the tour of "Los exploradores perdidos":

These days we are also bringing out the new record by Arbol "You travelled my heart inside out", and Ursula have given the finishing touches to their songs for their record of Misfits versions, so watch this space!

The Lejos Discos team.


12/6/2007 - Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains' European tour

Bristol, population 400.000. Situated in the south east of England, it looks like a cute town, alive, full of culture, humid, torrid... it is a port-town. During the XVIII century it was involved in the peak of the slave trade, and was the hub of this awful industry.
Several centuries later it wasn't the tears and blood of those poor souls, but the sweat of the youth, which seeped over the most fertile dance floors of the east Atlantic. And Bristol became once again the hub for the slaves, trapped by rhythm, marked and turned on by Reprazent's new forms, or chained to the fogs of Third Eye Foundation, Amp, Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent, Movietone...

We don't know what it was that drew Frànçois from France to Bristol in September 2003, but since then, his creativity hasn't stopped surprising us. Starting with bands such as Crescent or Movietone, who have populated his Atlas Mountains , he has written songs where language blows away all borders, this being pop made in England . It so happens that the Frenchmen of the isles have revolutionized the style - just look at Wenger's Arsenal - and managed for the continent to be seen from the top of the old cliffs with admiration.

On top of that, Frànçois makes beautiful animation movies, that you will be able to discover during his upcoming tour. He will be all around Europe with Adrian Orange (ex Thanksgiving , Portland, K records) opening, and with some of the members of Old Time Relijun in the line-up.

Lejos will release "Tour de France" just in time for the Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains European tour. This will be a presentation EP, in advance of his forthcoming new album, to be released during the summer. At the same time, Arbol's return, Ursula's Misfits covers and the first Pumuky release on Lejos Discos, will hit the streets. Beware.


7/3/2007 - Sonar Festival

SonarOnline: Inteview with Arbol.


5/3/2007 - Pumuky

We're pleased to announce the signing of Pumuky. (press release, in spanish)


26/9/2006 - News (Spanish only, sorry)

Hola desde Bruselas, una de las corresponsalías de Lejos. Hacía ya un buen tiempo que no utilizábamos esta sección para informaros de la actualidad del sello, valiéndonos para ello de nuestro myspace, pero hay bastantes cosas que contar, y nos apetecía detenernos en todas ellas.

Empecemos con Arbol, quien no ha parado de generar noticias en los últimos meses, tantas y tan positivas que nos ha hecho temer que su nombre apareciese en el sumario de la Operación Puerto.

Primero provocó que los ecos de su actuación en Sonar'06 trascendieran los tres días que duro el festival. De su concierto en Madrid también hemos oído muchos elogios; nos quedamos con el de uno de los pasajeros de su myspace:

Algo bonito debe ser que, además del reconocimiento de sus seguidores, su trabajo haya servido de inspiración a la realización de proyectos como los de Queralt Antú Serrano. Ella llevó a cabo todo el proceso de diseño y edición del último álbum de Arbol "Dreams made of paper", realizó el video de una de sus canciones- "Bright Day": bájatela!- que viene incluido en el CD, y ha sido clave en la buena acogida que el disco sigue cosechando.

Ahora ha vuelto a la matriz de « Dreams made of paper » para dirigir el video de Reborn, cuya realización acaba de ser premiada en el Festival Baumann 2006; Chapeu Queralt : felicidades a ti y a todo tu equipo!!

Continuemos, ya volverán más veranos repletos de triples y fuegos -libaneses, gallegos o mundanos- para desvelaros algunas de las fechas señaladas en la agenda de Miguel Marín para los próximos meses:
- Una de ellas es el 29 de Septiembre, en el Mecal Music Festival /// Mecal Dosmilseis, donde Arbol reinterpretará durante la proyección de «Son de Mar» la banda sonora que Piano Magic compusieron para este largometraje de Bigas Luna.
- Otra será el 20 de Octubre, día del estreno de «Yo soy la Juani». Arbol ha vuelto al equipo de Bigas Luna- con el que colaboró en el montaje de «Las comedias bárbaras» de Valle Inclán- para componer ahora parte de la banda sonora de la nueva película del director barcelonés.

Y no dejamos Barcelona, donde vive Miguel Marín, ni el campo audiovisual sin anunciaros que durante los meses de octubre y noviembre, Miguel impartirá las clases del taller «Introducción de la música electrónica como nueva banda sonora». Si estáis interesados tenéis que poneros en contacto lo más rápido posible con el Centro Cívico Les Basses. (+ info)

Si lo de Arbol parece cosa de Eufemiano, lo de Ursula se asemeja más a lo de Vinokourov: cuando les dejan triunfan! Para que seáis partícipes de ello no tenéis más que acercaros a cualquiera de las etapas que tienen previstas durante los próximos meses en varias ciudades españolas. No solo asistiréis al hermoso trazado de sus canciones, a la cadencia dopante de una música dispuesta para conmoveros, sino que además podréis enfundaros las nuevas camisetas del equipo de David Cordero, que encontrareis a la venta en todos sus conciertos.

Para que vayáis cogiendo la forma Ursula acaban de publicar un nuevo single en el recién estrenado netlabel el Yo-yo Pang! El sello es una iniciativa de .tape y desde aquí aprovechamos la ocasión para desearle lo mejor y para darle las gracias por abrir una nueva fuente de buena música. A darlo todo Dani! Y lo cierto es que lo empieza haciendo, porque ya podéis descargar gratuitamente "yoyo pang song", la nueva canción de Ursula.

Por último reseñar que el fanzine Moonpalace ha publicado una entrevista con David Cordero, y en ésta nos habla del nuevo sonido de Ursula y del feliz momento que vive la banda.


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