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price: 13€

QUIET STARS "L'équateur de..." LP 12"
(white vinyl, 180g.)
LEJ 014 - 300 copies
Out on October 2010

de noorderwind
le déséquilibre I
le déséquilibre II
le déséquilibre III
adagio religioso


quiet nights
été fertile / vruchtbare zomer

price: 14€

"Plaine inondable" LP 12" (gatefold cover)
LEJ 012
Out on December 2009
Be Water (Je suis de l’eau)
Do You Do
Nights = Days
Years of the Rain

"her River Raves Recollections" mini-lp 10”
LEJ 011-STICH 017 Sold Out

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FRÀNÇOIS AND THE ATLAS MOUNTAINS "Brother EP" 2 x 7” (gatefold cover)
LEJ 010 Sold Out



price: 6,5€

URSULA "Últimas Caricias - The Misfits EP" 7” (limited edition: 200 numbered copies)
LEJ 007

Limited edition to 200 numbered copies. Our advice: order it now.
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price: 10€

ARBOL "you travelled my heart inside out" CD
LEJ 009

Arbol´s 3rd release "You Travelled my Heart Inside Out" is out now. Miguel Marín, aka Arbol, continues to walk a path that the enigmatic lushness of his previous work cannot erase. Where a clearing in the forest of "Dreams made of paper" (Lejos Discos, 2005) forced us to linger over songs that poured down on us as a sudden and marvelous light before continuing on our mottled passage, the select track of "You Travelled my Heart Inside Out" opens like a delta to new and wide pastures, bringing calm waters to soak the feet of the city.

For this new release, Miguel has collaborated with Suzy Mangio, D-fried and the Japanese singer Eri Makino . It was recorded between 2004 and 2007 in London, Barcelona and Tokyo and confirms the crucial role played by Miguel Marín in the development of imaginary soundtracks as an independent musical genre.

"You Travelled my Heart Inside Out"
shows the influences that Arbol ´s music has been subject to in recent years as he moved between three completely different cities, three distinct ways of seeing music and life.

PUMUKY "Los exploradores perdidos"
Mini-album CD (special packaging)
LEJ 008 Sold Out


FRÀNÇOIS "Tour de France" CD-r
LEJ 006 Sold out

price: 6€

URSULA "Autoayuda Emocional" CD (special packaging, 1000 copies limited edition)
LEJ 005 last copies

The third album by the band from Cádiz is a self-fulfillment guide, in ten songs of great instrumental value, of pain and overcoming pain. Many times compared to Arab Strap, in his lyrics and music, David Cordero goes one step beyond in his creativity and while using more electronic and complex sounds, creates songs more accessible and pop in structure. Autoayuda Emocional is the perfect evolution of Ursula's sentimental and harsh music, defining in each song the cornerstones of a personal way to see life and music. Their best album to date.

price: 6€

GEORGE " A Week Of Kindness" CD (digipack)
LEJ 004/Egg 56 last copies
The Manchester duo, formed by Suzy Mangion & Michael Varty, travels to new landscapes where it is no longer necessary to mention influences such as Low, Broadcast, World Standard or High Llamas, where their incredible personality as musicians/composers shines. All of their musical ability can be found in these fifteen compositions. Claps, banjos, keyboards, guitars, whistles, voices, dums and exciting stories.

ARBOL "Dreams Made Of Paper" CD + videoclip (special cardboard box)
LEJ 003 Sold out
Dreams made of paper reflects all of Miguel Marin’s musical background, from his past in Piano Magic to his passion for electronic music, along with his collaborations with different movie directors such as Bigas Luna or Leo Obstbaum. One of the main virtues of this work by Arbol is the perfect combination of digital and natural resources. From the magnificent artwork by Queralt Antú to the collaborations of Suzy Mangion (George) and Eugenie Garreth as singers, all the different pieces within “Dreams made of paper” shine in this particular path along a world of dreams.

price: 3€

GEORGE "All Good Things" CD-EP
LEJ 002 last copies
George's music is a hard to define crossbreed between stormy pop and folk. They are a duo from Manchester formed by Michael Varty and Suzy Mangion, who lent her vocals to Piano Magic's "Writers without homes", and Arbol's debut album "(s/t)". George have released 7" singles on two of the most respected labels in the UK (Badjazz and Earworm) and a full length CD on Pickled Egg. Their first Lejos ep consists of four songs of melancholic and elegant pop that will last forever. "Wait", the song that opens "All Good Things", is one of the best songs we've heard in a long time, a real delight that deserves to be a part of any record collection.

price: 3€

SPRITES "Bionic Hands" CD-EP
LEJ 001 last copies
Sprites are Jason and Amy Korzen. From Washington D.C. they give us six songs full of great melodies and lyrics that will catch your attention from the start. Jason was the leader of the Synth pop band Barcelona, a band that caused a big sensation in the underground scene, as well as the more mainstream one (even Tom Cruise was seen dancing to their music). Sprites have published an excellent album on March records, that combines to perfection with these six exclusive songs for Lejos.


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